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Gigaclear Networks builds and operates rural ultrafast broadband networks. To get connected click on the logos below to contact the providers to see what they can offer in your area. Your contract will be between you and your chosen provider.

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About CSD Network Services

CSD Network Services Ltd is located in Essex and has been supplying services to customers since 2002 throughout the UK. Our client base covers a wide range of Residential, Business, Public Sector and Enterprise clients.

Our services include Internet Service Provision, Telecom, Cloud, Web, Data Centre, VoIP and many more. Whatever your requirements are we can provide so whether you require a standard domestic broadband for your home or high speed 1000Mbps internet for your commercial premises we are here to help.

We specialise in providing a personal service to all our customers customising them to cater for their exact needs wherever they are located using our wide array of connectivity services and Gigaclear's services enable us to have more options for our customers.

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About Exa Networks

Exa is a multi-award winning ISP. Now in its 12th year of providing schools and businesses nationwide with award winning internet connectivity, email, content filtering and multi-award winning customer support.

Unlike the majority of ISPs in the UK which cater firstly to the home user market; Exa does not supply to the residential market at all; and we have used our decades of experience to make sure all of our products, services, network & support were designed in-house from the ground up to meet and surpass the specific requirements of today's educational and business organisations.

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About IDNet

Discerning Gigaclear customers will want a high performance ISP to make the most of those incredible Gbps speeds. With IDNet your voice and data traffic will travel first class. Established in 1996 and Ofcom registered, we're independently rated as one of the fastest, most resilient, and best supported ISPs in the UK. In fact, we consistently beat BT, Virgin Media, Sky, O2 Plusnet and Talk Talk for satisfaction, reliability and customer service.

So how do we take on and beat the big boys? For a start, we don't oversubscribe our network. We don't do Network Contention, Traffic Shaping, Bandwidth Throttling, Port Blocking or any other trickery that slows you down. We just give you incredible speeds all backed up with free 24/7 UK based technical support.

If you're a techie, you'll want to know that our advanced network already supports IPv6 and MPLS. But if that doesn't mean anything to you, don't worry. Just be reassured that we're already using the internet protocols of the future, putting us way ahead of most providers.

Our service is optimised for business and enterprise customers. But if you're a power home user, perhaps running a small business or having to regularly work from home, we have some very keenly priced voice and data package options.

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About amatis

amatis is based in the Thames valley and close to the heart of the Gigaclear operation. amatis is a business focussed Internet Service Provider with an award winning UK wide network and running a number of its own data centres in the UK, providing Private Cloud solutions.

Our network, as you would expect is resilient and able to provide IPv6 , QoS, MPLS and all the 9's uptime.

If you want a no nonsense approach to quality, technical support and customer service then please give us a call.

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About RM Education

We make Technology work for your teaching and learning needs.

RM Education is the UK's leading educational ISP and a member of the Internet Service Providers Association. we understand the unique way in which the Internet is used in schools and the impact it has on teaching and learning as well as the distinctive systems, services and processes that are used within the school environment.

We're already the trusted supplier for thousands of schools and have been providing fast, resilient broadband services for over 16 years. We know that every school is different, so we have a comprehensive range of connectivity solutions to suit every school. Our broadband solutions are specifically designed to suit the unique needs of the education sector.

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About SalusNet

SalusNet is an IT consultancy based in Cheltenham with over 25 years of experience supporting businesses throughout the UK. We have years of IT knowledge gained at large companies meaning we can provide the expertise you could expect from a dedicated IT manager but at a fraction of the cost. We provide all manner of computer and IT services to business and home users in Gloucestershire and across the UK. We also offer Event Internet access via WiFi to remote and demand hungry locations across the UK. Core to our business is the provision of Ultra-Fast Broadband to future proof your business and home, with enhanced SLA's protecting our customers from extended downtime. The SalusNet team have demonstrable experience of providing robust and resilient connectivity in high volume LAN and WAN network environments within your home and business.

What We Do - If you already have a computer network and wish to know how to get the best out of it or how to take it to the next level, we can provide consultancy on how to best go about it; and then, should you wish, we can implement those changes for you. If you are a new business and have nothing in place and wish to have some idea of what you should be getting; such as desktop PCs, laptops, printers, anti-virus protection, backups and how to get them all talking to each other, we can assist.

Remote Working

Need to work from anywhere? We can provide the tools to allow you and your team to work from anywhere. Broadband, Phone's, Laptops or iPads.


Reduce malware and virus infections by detecting and blocking requests from the firewall, improving your ability to protect your employees and home from phishing attacks.

High Speed Internet

We are experts at providing ultra-fast broadband to customers across the UK. A bespoke service to get you the speeds you need!

Customer Support

We can provide customers with on-site support or when necessary we can dial in remotely to look at the issues. Contact us on 0333 3442014 or email


We provide web design and hosting services for a range of businesses. Ranging from a new website to small changes or help with social media we are here to help!


We support both Apple and Windows devices. From laptops, PC's to MacBook's, iMac's and iPad's... we support them all.

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About Orion is an established wireless ISP specialising in providing fast internet to rural and hard-to-reach locations. Our network and 4G products enable us to respond quickly and provide service to customers who require practical speeds and the low latency not normally available in out of town locations.

We aim to provide practical and economic high-speed internet to customers who will ultimately want fibre to the premises, but who need workable links now.

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About Gigaclear

Gigaclear provides ultrafast full fibre broadband to homes and businesses in rural communities

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About Redline

Established in 1998 and based in the city of Hereford, Redline offer a comprehensive range of services from Fixed line, Hosted Telephony, Inbound call management, Mobile, Broadband, Telephone & VOIP Systems.

As businesses have sought unified solutions, and fixed and mobile technologies have converged, we have been able to help our customers become more efficient and provide a more professional image, whilst saving money and improving their customers experience.

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About Intelligent Telecom Solutions

For something as important as telecommunications you need a company that understands your business. Based in Herefordshire, ITS can fulfil all the telecoms requirements a business needs under one roof.

Our services include mobiles, broadband, line rentals and calls - all on one easy to understand bill. Plus, full engineering services, cabling, installations, fibre etc.

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About Broadband Bonding

Part of the Velocomms Group of companies, Broadband Bonding can provide ultra-fast internet connectivity to your home or business via our Totally Fibre service using dedicated Fibre To The Premises or by aggregating multiple lines to create a specialist bonded broadband solution.

Serving the whole of the UK from our regional offices we can also supply a total-service solution including VoIP, Business Mobile, Network Security, Home and Business Wi-Fi etc. plus a comprehensive support service.

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About Triangle Networks

Local ISP, Triangle Networks are the Gigabit City Bristol' launch provider and now the leading partner-centric Gigabit internet provider, offering wholesale Ultra-fast, low latency (low-cost) internet for SME's.

Triangle Networks have been providing Gigabit connectivity as standard over the last 18 months and now have over 100 Gigabit connections in Bristol alone, helping businesses in the city and surrounding areas to be connected to the award winning full-fibre service as they grow, innovate and access different markets globally.

We have access to a complete range of connectivity and the addition of Gigaclear's services compliment these perfectly.

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About Voneus

Voneus is a pioneer in the delivery of Superfast Broadband residential and business services in rural areas throughout the UK. We provide Superfast Broadband services using primarily fixed wireless technologies to the hardest places to reach in the UK. Now as a Gigaclear retail service provider we can provide Ultrafast Broadband services immediately where Gigaclear is available. Where Gigaclear is not available we can provide quick to deploy Voneus Superfast Broadband services offering speeds in the range 35-50Mbps with an upgrade path to Ultrafast Broadband when Gigaclear services become available.

Our Ultrafast and Superfast Broadband services include internet connections, telephone lines over the internet (VoIP), complete home and business Wifi services and a mobile phone application that minimises your total telecommunications costs by integrating with our broadband and VoIP services.

Voneus is focussed on providing a high quality services and our help desk is open 365 days a year.

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About Bridge Fibre

Based in the innovation hub of Cambridge, Bridge Fibre provides premium fibre connectivity, hosting and telephony services to SMEs and larger enterprises. As business and science park specialists, they give landlords and tenants the same quality of connectivity that is normally only available to major corporates. Their world-class fibre comes at a competitive price, giving you the trusted internet service that your business needs to thrive and grow.

As well as winning an ISPA award - Bridge Fibre comes highly recommended and we already work with leading business and science parks in Cambridge, Bristol and Glasgow, among other locations.

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About Village Networks

We've been delivering rural broadband since 2003. We keep homes and businesses connected in Bucks, Herts, Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley.

We know how much your broadband matters. And we understand the importance of personal service. Our support team is expert, caring and fully empowered to provide all the help you need, as soon as you call. Our field teams are friendly, capable, quick to respond.

We're proud to be a Gigaclear Retail Partner, offering an outstanding combination of high-speed fibre broadband and first-class customer support.

If Gigaclear is available in your neighbourhood, talk to us about a great fibre broadband deal, backed by great local service. And if you're beyond the reach of fibre ask us about a fast, affordable high-speed wireless connection.

In short, when you're looking for world-class broadband, from a local provider, talk to Village Networks.

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About Merula

Welcome to Merula - Connectivity and Hosting Experts.

Merula offers a choice of Broadband packages to suit home and business internet users.

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About Redraw

For over twenty years, Redraw Internet have been supplying connectivity to business and residential users alike, with microwave, fibre and copper, in both Urban and Rural spaces, from our MX Juniper Core in London through some two hundred Datacentres and multiple client buildings in the UK, we also extend into Europe and the US.

We are pleased to announce that we are extending our fibre network in the rural areas with our partner Gigaclear, complementing our wireless network, the largest privately owned in England.

Our day to day clients are a mix of residential and commercial users from the public sector, financial institutions, business parks, stadiums, logistics, medical, schools and colleges, we backhaul to music festivals and other temporary events as well as other ISPs some listed here such as Bridge Fibre and Merula. In the WISP sector we set up, Boundless, then Sugarnet (now part of Voneus) and many others beside.

Whether in rural or urban areas with our help potential clients can make informed decisions, we prefer using layman's terms because we realise that to many, IT is a 'black art', we design and supply bespoke communications requirements in house, then we do the techie stuff so you don't have to. We also have our own VoIP network connecting one phone or multi handsets with PBX onsite or hosted remotely.

If you require critical connectivity we specialise in fibre, microwave and 4G failover, giving peace of mind that you have completely separate routes to the Internet and your Data, as of course if you have fibre with FTTC or ADSL they are invariably in the same duct will probably be damaged simultaneously.

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