Connecting West Oxfordshire

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Fast broadband is coming to more homes and businesses across West Oxfordshire, including the most rural and hard-to-reach areas that are generally regarded as not commercially viable.

Connecting West Oxfordshire is working with Gigaclear Networks to plug the ‘broadband void’ with the aspiration of enabling every home and every business to have access to a fast, reliable service.

Public sector support is enabling this project to go-ahead with funds of £1.5m from West Oxfordshire District Council, which is match funded by the government’s Broadband Delivery UK programme.

Between now and December 2019, full fibre broadband will be made available by Gigaclear Networks. This is one of the most advanced services with the ability to carry much higher data rates than currently needed and so ensuring the new service is future-proofed for many years.

West Oxfordshire District Council took on the lead role of delivering superfast broadband in January 2017 and has awarded the contract to Gigaclear Networks to carry out this work.

The programme is supported by funding from both the District Council (£1.5m) and the government’s Broadband Delivery UK (£1.6m) programme.

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