Network Access

How does Gigaclear Networks install our fibre network?

Just like any other utility, it involves digging trenches. However, we use a variety of trenching methods which provide the following benefits:
  • Reduced traffic disruption and time spent on your land – we can install up to 800m of fibre a day compared with 60m a day via traditional trenching methods.
  • Trenches that are 80% narrower – creating less scarring to the landscape.

How are we allowed to install its equipment on private land?

As part of a commitment to deliver better broadband to all UK citizens, Parliament has given power to electronic communications operators like us to install equipment on private land, but they must request a signed Network Access Agreement from the landowner to install equipment on their land. The legislation governing this is called the Electronic Communications Code and it can be found in Schedule 3A of the Communications Act 2003. The powers under the Code to install and maintain our network are given to us by Ofcom. A Network Access Agreement is consent in writing that allows communications providers like us to carry out work on privately-owned land. When a landowner signs a network access agreement with us, they are agreeing that we may install, maintain and repair our communications equipment on their land.

What if I don’t want to sign?

We hope that the benefits of our service to your community will mean that we can come to an agreement that works for both parties. However, if we can’t reach agreement with a landowner, the Code states that we can ask a court to impose an agreement on the landowner in the interests of delivering good communications to everyone.

Will it cost me anything?

No, our construction partners do all the work to dig the trench and reinstate the ground as close as possible to its original condition.

Does the equipment pose a threat to my land?

There is nothing inherently dangerous about it – unlike an electricity cable or a gas main – and nothing that could do damage such as a leaking water pipe.

What happens when Gigaclear Networks causes damage to your land?

We do our best not to cause any damage but if it does happen, we will be responsible for any damage we do to your property or any third-party property during installation, maintenance or repair.

What happens if I accidentally damage Gigaclear Networks equipment?

If the cable or other equipment is damaged, this could mean that internet connection for the area will be lost. We expect that landowners take care not to dig near any cable to avoid risk of lost connectivity.

What happens once the installation is complete?

The cable will sit in the ground carrying broadband traffic for as long as it is required.

Inspection and repair

Occasionally we may need to inspect and/or repair the equipment. The Network Access Agreement gives us permission to do that, but we will do our best to contact you to let you know when we will be there, except in an emergency.

Does your work affect my land ownership rights?

No. We will never acquire any rights of ownership over your land.

What if I want to re-develop my land after installation?

If you are planning to undertake building work, please let us know as early as possible. We will then carry out a survey to see if your work will interfere with our equipment and, if possible, can move our equipment to enable your work to go ahead.

Do I own the equipment?

No, the equipment belongs to Gigaclear Networks.

What are the insurance implications?

The equipment will be covered by our insurance.

Do you make special arrangements for agricultural land?

Because we often work with agricultural land owners, we are sensitive to their needs and priorities. We keep disruption to a minimum and ensure that our equipment does not interfere with the normal use of the land as in the following scenarios:
  • Ploughed fields: Generally, we lay our cable along field verges however if we are working on land which may be ploughed, we will lay cable at the depth agreed with you.
  • Livestock: We respect livestock and work with farmers to make sure that both workers and livestock are safe at all times.
  • Drainage: If you know about any water mains or drainage on your land that we may not realise is there, it is helpful if you can tell us – utility records are not always accurate.
  • Fishing and field sports: We want to help rather than hinder rural businesses and are happy to work round any specific requirements related to fishing and field sports including the avoidance of specific dates or times.
We hope that this has covered any initial questions that you may have. To discuss any specific concerns related to your land, please contact our Network Access Team on 01865 591153 or at and they’ll be happy to help.