Kim Bailey Gets Ultrafast on the Gallops

1st December 2016

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The Cotswold racing yard is now the best connected in the country ‘by a nose’ Top racing trainer, Kim Bailey, […]

The Cotswold racing yard is now the best connected in the country ‘by a nose’

Top racing trainer, Kim Bailey, will soon offer owners and racing fans 24-hour access to the racehorses at his yard at Thorndale Farm, Gloucestershire, via a live streaming video camera at the top of his gallops. Kim, who has trained winners of The Grand National, The Cheltenham Gold Cup and The Champion Hurdle, is only able to do this after recently installing a pure fibre-to-the-premises service from rural broadband provider, Gigaclear, offering speeds of up to 1Gbps, up to 33* times faster than the UK average.

Kim has won The Racing Post ‘Best Trainers Blog’ for five years running and can have up to 3,500 hits on his website every day, so a good connection is vital for the business. As he explains, “The Internet just wasn’t up to the mark before we had Gigaclear. Being able to video horses while out training was possible, but we couldn’t then share the videos with the owners, many of whom are based in London, for them to see their horses progress. Often one of our employees had to take the videos home to upload them. The speeds we had reached 4Mbps on a good day, which isn’t enough to share large files or video content.

“The Internet is now 25 times faster than before, with a 100Mbps package from Gigaclear, which allows us to send videos of horses within seconds, update the blog and register our runners, all without any buffering. When the camera is installed later this month it will mean owners can watch their horses on the gallops in real time from anywhere in the world, which will no doubt keep us ahead of the competition.”

Brett Shepherd, Chief Operating Officer at Gigaclear, comments: “We have so far installed 182 miles of fibre cable to homes and businesses in Gloucestershire, one of which has been Kim’s yard, where he has extended the fibre network from the public highway to connect the yard and office building. There’s no doubt that the faster speeds will help Kim stay better connected with those in the racing world and fans of the sport. It certainly seems fitting that Kim’s horses now have the fastest Internet in the country to match. We’re looking forward to keeping up to date with Kim’s further success on his daily blog.”

The new Gigaclear Internet service has been installed as part of the phase 2 Fastershire project, a partnership between Gloucestershire County Council and Herefordshire Council to bring faster broadband to the two counties, with funding from central government’s Broadband Delivery UK matched by the local authorities.