Hambleton In Rutland – At The Cutting Edge of Ultra-fast Broadband With FTTH

3rd November 2011

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The Finch’s Arms in Rutland is celebrating, and not just because they hosted a successful launch party for Fibre Network […]

The Finch’s Arms in Rutland is celebrating, and not just because they hosted a successful launch party for Fibre Network Builders Gigaclear. The Hotel and Restaurant on the tiny peninsula of Hambleton has seen a major shift in its clientele and occupancy. And it is all thanks to a small length of fibre.

It just so happens that it is a fibre-optic connection between the hotel all the way to the telecoms hub in London and is capable of delivering an eye-watering speed of 1 Gbps up and down. But the Finch’s Arms owner/manager Colin Crawford is happy with the 63 Mbps that beats current world Leader Japan at 61 Mbps:

‘Within the last week (when we have been testing the connection) we have seen a significant change to our clientele. As soon as we started advertising the services we can now offer we have more working executives and business people. They can stay here to hold their meetings and work seamlessly wherever they need to in the world across our wireless network. I’ve never known anything change so fast’.

The businesses in Hambleton wanted better services for their clients and approached local experts Rutland Telecom who already delivered a ground-breaking service to nearby village Lyddington. Modelling the success of mobilising local need and investment, Rutland Telecom soon teamed up with Fibre Network Builders Gigaclear.

A significant investment was made by Gigaclear, with a further £150k private investment from just 12 residents made as a loan. Gigaclear also became major shareholders in Rutland Telecom and then leveraged their expert industry contacts to deliver one of the most technologically advanced fibre networks in the country to the villagers and businesses in Hambleton.

‘With ZTE equipment and that of the other partners AFL and Icotera, Hambleton is at the foremost point of the spearhead that is FTTH technology,’ says Gigaclear CEO Matthew Hare, going on to quote David Whitrow of Chinese telecoms giant ZTE ‘this technology is like taking a data centre out of the heart of a capital city and putting it in Hambleton.’

Benefits abound throughout the village, and the resident spokesman Richard Foulkes is clear about them:

‘We can now live in an Ultra-fast connected community in Hambleton. But we can also build sustainable technology based businesses. Some lucky people will be able to vastly improve their work/life balance; and our older villagers can easily and reliably connect socially as well as be primed for the next advanced in health monitoring and support accessed across internet services. Our schoolchildren can excel, no longer disadvantaged by struggling to find information or trying to learn on the internet. And families will be able to stream and download films and entertainment to enjoy together in their own home, being truly connected and integrated in this fast-paced, technologically advancing world.’
With Rutland Telecom as the service provider, Gigaclear ‘s knowledge, technology, and innovation along with that of their partners has catapulted Hambleton village to the forefront of domestic and rural internet connectivity, multi-device computing, and broadband capacity.

Ed Burrows, Chairman of Discover Rutland says:

‘For our small and beautiful County it is essential that we offer excellent internet services for tourists and business visitors. These are discerning consumers who demand more from online services and technology.

Now, in 2011 we have two excellent hospitality businesses in Hambleton leading the way for Rutland in providing fibre-optic internet services to their customers.

We are seeing significant resources coming in to Rutland from private enterprise in terms of investment, technology, and service innovation. I look forward to seeing more examples of this entrepreneurial spirit throughout the County.’

With the Government on the verge of releasing funds for pilot Broadband projects; 1 Gigabit Broadband connection in the heart of the smallest county in the country demonstrates what is possible, even in rural communities. When the right people with the right motivation, skills, and resources move in harmony a modern culture with an exploding bandwidth demand can be satisfied, and dare it be said… even delighted?