Gigaclear to bring UK’s fastest broadband to light up Devon and Somerset

27th June 2016

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Ultrafast broadband provider Gigaclear is set to bring the best broadband speeds in the UK to homes and businesses in Devon and Somerset.

Ultrafast broadband provider Gigaclear is set to bring the best broadband speeds in the UK to homes and businesses in the Blackdown Hills area of Devon and Somerset. Some areas of the two counties currently experience very slow broadband speeds but with Gigaclear able to provide speeds up to 33 times faster* than the UK average, residents will see an astonishing improvement.

The rollout of Gigaclear’s pure fibre-to-the-premises broadband network in the area is being supported by local MP for Tiverton and Honiton, Neil Parish, who has long campaigned for faster broadband for his constituency. The project could see 2,000 properties in the area connected to ultrafast broadband using 120 kilometres of underground fibres, bringing the UK’s fastest broadband direct to their doors.

Once connected, residents will be able to download a movie in less than one minute, upload 200 holiday photos in under nine seconds or download an album in just a few seconds. Meanwhile, rural business owners could transform the way they work with faster broadband enabling them to increase business and cut costs without compromising on their location.

Local MP Neil Parish, who has been campaigning to bring broadband to his constituency of Tiverton and Honiton, commented: “I’m delighted that Gigaclear is planning to invest in the Blackdown Hills to provide fibre to the premises superfast broadband. I’ve been making the case for more commercial investment to increase choice and competition in the broadband sector. This is the sort of investment we’ve been looking for. This is really encouraging news for local residents and businesses. It complements Connecting Devon and Somerset’s programme which is working across Devon and Somerset to provide faster broadband where the commercial sector isn’t investing. I look forward to Gigaclear working closely with local parishes to provide the broadband they need.”

Councillor Andrew Leadbetter, cabinet member for Economy and Growth for Devon County Council said: “We want to see more competition in the broadband market and more choice for consumers. So it’s great that Gigaclear plans to invest commercially in the Connecting Devon and Somerset area to help bring superfast broadband to the Blackdown Hills area. This is fantastic news for residents and it’s a demonstration of the kinds of investment and community involvement we want to see more of in Devon and Somerset. Many people work from home across Devon and Somerset and an excellent internet connection is vital to the growth of the local economy.”

Chief Executive of Gigaclear, Matthew Hare said: “We’re really excited about starting a new pure fibre network project in Devon and Somerset that will transform ways of working, doing business, learning, communicating and being entertained in the area. We’ll be providing homes and businesses with a future-proof, world-class Internet connection which will literally change the way they live their lives.”

Gigaclear is currently recruiting in the area for positions to support the project and aims to use local contractors wherever possible during the construction of its new broadband networks. Over the coming months, Gigaclear will start to rollout its service across a number of villages in the Blackdown Hills area including Upottery, Hemyock and Kittisford.

Residents and business owners can now sign up to Gigaclear’s service, not paying a penny until the service is connected and working in their property.

* Based on Ofcom’s review of UK broadband speeds published 1st December 2015