Gigaclear ready to roll out ultrafast pure fibre broadband to Leicestershire villages

25th March 2015

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Gigaclear scheduling start of works for a new, future proofed, ultrafast broadband network to Welland Valley villages in Leicestershire.

Photo: Members of the Welland Valley broadband group.

Gigaclear, the ultrafast, pure fibre broadband networks provider, is shortly to start the installation of its ultrafast, pure fibre broadband network across the villages of Blaston, Bringhurst, Cranoe, Drayton, Glooston, Hallaton, Horninghold, Medbourne, Nevill Holt, Slawston and Stockerston in Leicestershire. Supported by the Welland Valley Broadband Group, Gigaclear has exceeded its pre-order threshold and is set to roll out its first network in Leicestershire.
With tremendous support from the local broadband campaign for the Welland Valley who fought hard to overcome the lack of broadband investment in much of their area, Gigaclear will now be bringing this area of Leicestershire into the best-connected in the world. Gigaclear’s fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) network will put in place a near infinitely-upgradeable broadband infrastructure, as opposed to retrofit, fibre to the cabinet (FTTC), that can deliver the same ultrafast level of service to everyone connected regardless of distance from the cabinet.

Gigaclear’s FTTP networks today, boast consistent and reliable symmetric speeds of up to 1000Mbps (1Gbps), meaning uploads and downloads are both ultrafast, essential for businesses, anyone who works from home and the creative.

Tom Purnell, Assistant Chief Executive, Leicestershire County Council, said
“I am delighted that Gigaclear has committed to bring its ultrafast fibre broadband to rural Leicestershire. The villages Gigaclear will be rolling out to include significant areas that are not part of any other commercial or subsidised plan. This investment will transform the connected lives of businesses and communities in some of the most rural parts of the County.

Martin Griffin, leader of the Welland Valley Broadband Group added:
“Our broadband group have worked for over a year to bring fast, reliable and affordable broadband to our parishes. We are delighted with the outcome, as Gigaclear provides our residents with a long term strategic partner, offering the fastest broadband in the UK. “

Matthew Hare, Chief Executive, Gigaclear commented:
“When a community gets together and creates a motivated, dynamic team of local champions as they have in the Welland Valley Broadband Group, it makes it possible for us to bring our service to very rural areas. The Welland Valley in Leicestershire is made up of many small villages and hamlets spread out over a large area. The champions in the Welland Valley Broadband Group have worked alongside our own team to build the demand to the point where the business case works for us, to build a new Ultrafast pure fibre network across the whole area. We look forward to transforming the online experience for residents and businesses in the Welland Valley this summer.”