Gigaclear confirms 3 more rural communities to have ultrafast fibre-to-the-premises broadband

5th November 2013

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Additional rural communities confirmed for ultrafast fibre-to-the-premises broadband Momentum builds for Gigaclear in Oxfordshire and Kent as broadband frustration grows […]

Additional rural communities confirmed for ultrafast fibre-to-the-premises broadband

Momentum builds for Gigaclear in Oxfordshire and Kent as broadband frustration grows

Oxfordshire, 05 November 2013… Momentum for Gigaclear’s ultrafast fibre optic broadband continues to grow with the announcement that three new rural communities will benefit from its world-class connectivity, delivering speed and reliability.

Between them, 1500 homes and four business parks in Farmoor and Stanton Harcourt in Oxfordshire as well as Underriver and surrounding villages in Kent, are set to be transformed with broadband speeds of up to 1000 Mbps (one Gbps) on Gigaclear’s full fibre network.

Frustrated by slow broadband speeds and unpredictability of the existing infrastructure, residents in each of the communities worked together to take matters into their own hands and find an alternative solution.

Mike Clyne, spokesperson for the Underriver Broadband Group explains: “There are many promises being made when it comes to rural broadband that contain neither sufficient network detail nor accurate delivery schedules. Communities which have inferior broadband speeds risk becoming unsustainable. Homes and businesses need a provider who can not only to build the network that they need, but also one that will be delivered within their desired timeframe. Having investigated the various offerings on the market further, Gigaclear was the only operator who was prepared to engage with us to future proof our community with a full Fibre-to-the-Home solution.”

Bernard Farr, spokesman for the Digital Farmoor Group said, “Once completed, Farmoor will be one of very few places in the world with fibre broadband connected all the way to the home of each subscriber resident – and at ultrafast speeds. Farmoor can forget stuttering iPlayer, stammering Skype and other current broadband frustrations and instead looks forward to a future proof broadband service from Gigaclear. Additionally, premium broadband into the house will give Farmoor residents properties which are easier to sell and at better prices.”

Gigaclear will bring the world’s fastest broadband speeds to these communities, installing alongside the existing copper/aluminium wire based networks which are outdated and susceptible to inclement weather. Internet use will be transformed, with films that might take up to four hours to download in a typical rural area taking just three to six minutes while a photo album that might take over an hour to upload taking less than 30 seconds.

“These new communities represent Gigaclear’s continuing programme of private investment in rural areas,” says Matthew Hare, chief executive, Gigaclear. “By the time the initiatives are complete, Gigaclear will have invested some £2 million (GBP) in Oxfordshire and a further £1 million (GBP) in Kent alone. We expect this momentum to increase further as more communities choose to drive their own broadband initiatives forward instead of waiting for solutions which will not guarantee coverage or speeds and which are yet to materialise.”

Construction work has started in Farmoor, Stanton Harcourt will commence in December and the Underriver project in Kent is expected to commence in early 2014.

Gigaclear serves communities that are not currently served or ‘planned to be served’ by a high-speed broadband provider. To qualify, communities must comprise at least 400 properties and 30 per cent of the community must sign up. For further information see

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Gigaclear is a privately funded communications operator dedicated to building and operating Ultrafast fibre to the premises broadband networks in rural communities. With pure fibre connectivity to every property in a community, delivering open, ultrafast broadband access, customers have complete control over the choice of services they wish to use. The company was founded in December 2010 by its chief executive, Matthew Hare. For further information about qualifying communities see