Gigaclear and Fluidata agree to partner to open Gigaclear’s fibre networks to other ISPs

25th July 2013

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Fluidata’s wholesale service exchange platform easily connects ISPs to Gigaclear’s advanced fibre-to-the-premises infrastructure network 25 July 2013, Oxfordshire, UK: Gigaclear, […]

Fluidata’s wholesale service exchange platform easily connects ISPs to Gigaclear’s advanced fibre-to-the-premises infrastructure network

25 July 2013, Oxfordshire, UK: Gigaclear, a provider of ultrafast fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband to the UK’s rural communities, has agreed to partner with Fluidata, a pioneer in innovative high-speed Internet services. The partnership will make it possible for broadband customers wanting to use Gigaclear’s FTTP networks to benefit from additional ISPs who can offer a wider range of services and support options to residential and business customers.

Fluidata’s service exchange platform allows ISPs to accept, provision and deliver customer orders across additional infrastructure provider networks. This enables these ISPs to take advantage of the growing range of network providers who are not reliant on the ageing copper wires that make up the bulk of the UK’s communications infrastructure, enabling them to deliver more services, more reliably.

Gigaclear chief executive, Matthew Hare said: “We committed to open up our ultrafast pure fibre networks to other ISPs for the benefit of our current and future customers. This integration with the Fluidata service exchange platform will allow a wide range of residential and business ISPs to seamlessly deliver their services over our networks. Over the next few months we will announce which ISPs will be offering their services across the Gigaclear networks.”

Gigaclear is continuing to build pure fibre to the premises networks in rural communities and business parks, delivering the UK’s fastest symmetric broadband services ranging from 50-1000Mbps for uploads and downloads. Being pure fibre, Gigaclear’s customers obtain consistently fast speeds regardless of distance from the cabinet or weather conditions.

Piers Daniell, managing director, Fluidata said: “Our service exchange platform interconnects ISPs so that they can offer services in new or hard-to-reach areas. This means more business for ISPs and better choice for customers. Gigaclear has ultrafast fibre networks so ISPs could offer new services to help business and residential customers get more from their broadband connection. The partnership will go live in the next few months.”

About Gigaclear
Gigaclear is a privately funded communications operator dedicated to building and operating ultrafast fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband networks in rural communities. With pure fibre connectivity, delivering open and ultrafast broadband access, customers have complete control over the choice of services they wish to use. Gigaclear’s fibre networks future proof the communities where they are installed, easily catering for all foreseeable broadband needs.
The company was founded in December 2010 by its chief executive, Matthew Hare.
About Fluidata
Fluidata pioneers innovative, high speed Internet services, including an award-winning Service Exchange Platform that providesLayer-2 access to a wide range of tier-1 connectivity carriers across the UK and Europe. Fluidata is an independent telecommunications carrier, and so is not tied into relationships with single suppliers. This enables it to create bespoke solutions with increased flexibility that directly target the needs of each individual client.

Fluidata provides a fresh and original approach by being honest, reliable and exceeding customer expectations. It does everything physically possible to ensure its clients receive a level of service they will not have experienced anywhere else.