Connecting West Oxfordshire

Rollout Schedule

These pages provide information about our work on the next phase of the Connecting West Oxfordshire broadband project roll-out. These pages also include information about our planned commercial coverage in these areas.

West Oxfordshire:

Under the Connecting West Oxfordshire broadband programme, 4,600 homes and businesses will benefit from access to a new ultrafast full fibre network direct to each property. In addition we’ll be investing commercially in expanding the network to 5,700 more homes and businesses, meaning a total of over 10,000 homes and businesses are set to benefit from the new network.

The orange shaded areas on the map below illustrate the communities that will be covered when each new full fibre cabinet is deployed. We will be building your new network in stages and you’ll be able to see on this page the areas where we’re building next. For example, the box below shows those areas where work has already started or is due to start.

Connecting West Oxfordshire

Please note rollout dates may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. adverse weather conditions, other utilities needing emergency access to the highway.