Broadband Boost is Given to Businesses in West Berkshire

30th May 2017

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We’re very pleased to announce the 5,000th property in West Berkshire to have access to our ultrafast broadband network, as […]

We’re very pleased to announce the 5,000th property in West Berkshire to have access to our ultrafast broadband network, as part of the Superfast Berkshire project.

We have dug 400km of the planned 850km trench of our futureproof pure fibre network in the area, so homes and businesses across the county will soon benefit from its ultrafast Internet speeds. Connecting the 5,000th property, the West Berkshire Brewery, marks a significant milestone for the project.

Having recently been connected, West Berkshire Brewery now benefits from Internet download speeds up to 28x faster and a staggering 230x faster for uploads than the UK average*. This means their online activities now flow faster than they can get beer through their pipes!

Ed Cowan, West Berkshire Brewery Shop Manager, said: “Before Gigaclear our speeds were as low as 1.6Mbps so performing everyday tasks was a struggle. It could take up to 20 minutes for everyone’s emails to update of a morning, it was difficult to maintain our website and it was near to impossible to download from the cloud. Now all our online activities run significantly faster and more efficiently, our speeds are over 100x better than before.”

“We’re also going through expansion and looking to develop our website, which will be much more complex with a lot more content. This kind of development would have been near to impossible to maintain before. The speeds have really improved the way we run the business.”

Joe Frost, Business Development Director at Gigaclear, said: “This is a fantastic achievement for this project and it’s great to see this investment from Superfast Berkshire and Gigaclear delivering a tangible difference to rural businesses in the area. Broadband is an essential utility, vital for boosting the local economy and we’re very pleased to be able to work with our partner Superfast Berkshire to ensure that West Berkshire’s rural homes and businesses get the UK’s fastest broadband. West Berkshire Brewery is one of many businesses that we have connected in the local area and we look forward to seeing the opportunities that our ultrafast upload and download speeds open up for them.”

West Berkshire Council’s Chief Executive Nick Carter, who chairs the Superfast Berkshire board, added: “Superfast broadband benefits our residents, our businesses and the wider economy and I am delighted that good progress is being made. This new, faster network will give us a competitive edge as we seek to attract new businesses to the area and to keep those who already operate in the district. Living in a largely rural area our residents and businesses rely on the internet in many aspects of their lives. Those people who receive superfast broadband speak highly of it and I know there are many others watching our progress and counting down the days until they too can access these superfast speeds.”

With West Berkshire Brewery moving to a new location soon, they are delighted that their new site also has a Gigaclear connection and so their ultrafast speeds will be moving with them.